Why Connect Kids?


People call me all the time, from places I worked at and even from other schools.  The bottom line is they want to know what activities or services they can provide for kids.  Just, yesterday, a SAPIS (Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Service) worker said to me, “Daniels I know you know a lot of things off the top of your head.  Do you know of a place that can help a girl who’s abusing drugs?”  I told him to try a program in Westchester, NY.

Sometimes, I get some many calls during the day; I was telling a colleague at my school about it.  He said why not put it all on a website and tell people to go there.  That website is Connect Children.

There are a lot of services for kids, sometimes on the street of a school that doesn’t even know it’s there.  People don’t pay attention to what’s around them.  This site is to help 1,500 plus New York City public school and over 500 private schools, by providing them with information to help children.

December 27, 2014 |

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